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DJ Ragnarok upstairs
++ denotes a request

Edvard Grieg- Hall Of The Mountain King
Blood Axis- Bearer Of 10,000 Eyes/Lord Of Ages
The Soil Bleeds Black- Epitaph For Elizabeth
Ordo Equitum Solis- Playing With The Fire
Current 93- Moonlight, You Will Say
Eld- The Death Of The West(the Eld way)
Fire + Ice- Gilded By The Sun
Socrates Wounded- The Glass Bees
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud/Deutsch Nepal- track 2 from A Night In Fear
Landscape- Norman Bates
Throbbing Gristle- Something Came Over Me
John Foxx- Metal Beat
Gary Numan- Down In The Park
Ministry- All Day(12'')
Fad Gadget- Lady Shave
Greater Than One- I Don't Need God
Pankow- Gimme More(Much More)
Christian Death- Hour Of The Wolf
Sex Gang Children- Barbarossa
Mephisto Walz- I Wanna Be Your Dog
Alien Sex Fiend/Johnny Cash- I Walk The Line(Ragnarok Mix)
Iggy Pop- Search & Destroy
Bauhaus- Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
The Cure- A Strange Day ++
Bollock Brothers- Harley Davidson Son Of A Bitch
Action Pact- Gothic Party Time
Sol Invictus- Long Live Death
Laibach- One After 909
Click Click- Room
Peter Murphy- Confessions (for C. in absentia)
The Sisterhood- Giving Ground
Forthcoming Fire- Knights In White Satin

Synergy events are held every Saturday at The Sand Bar
2653 Commerce st., Deep Ellum
Dallas, Tx.
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