Dialektika (31seel) wrote in gotterdammerung,

The Holocaust

I do believe the Holocaust occurred. I do believe that Jews and other groups deemed undesirable were rounded up, placed in concentration camps and that near the end of the War, large portions of these inmates were put to death. If the surviving National Socialists accepted that this sequence occurred, I see no justification for its denial. Now my accepting of the event does not mean that I do not question the public portrayal of the Holocaust. For example, I do question (note that this is question, not "have alternate answers") whether it was the plan all along to execute the Jews et al, whether the elimination of Jews was an order from Hitler or a good old boys network taking liberties with an uncaring system, or even whether the numbers listed are correct. Reports for the number slain vary from 800,000 to 6 million, & to be honest 6 million seems to be a lot. It doesn't help that questions like "Where did they put the ashes?" seem to garner an attack. So what if the number is 1.2 million rather than 6? Oh, it is "only 1.2 million". Only, my god, I think it is rather atrocious to round up any number of people for no other reason than their ethnicity or sexual preference (though those who were rounded up as actual criminals are fine).

I also find the capitalization of various groups, the Holocaust Industry, to be disturbing. Groups like Wiesenthal (who's founder made a lucrative business out of gathering evidence which "helped" others to catch escaped war criminals) seem more interested in gathering money than in verifying data. Further, the general opposition to inquiry about the Holocaust raises concern. Even with opposition from vested interests, we know that inmates were not burned alive, rendered into soap, etc. We also know that the Auschwitz we can tour is a reconstruction of the original, which may or may not resemble the original that was bombed. We also know that Stalin inflated the numbers killed at Auschwitz by about 3-4 million (which is still a lot of people). The signs, in Polish, are said to have been modified.

Holocaust Revisionism seems to be derived from a True and a False premise. The True premise is that the German people are no more Evil than any other people, be they Black, White or Bronze. The False premise is that the Holocaust represents a unique incident in Human history. Rwanda, Cambodia, China, Russia, the Inquisition, Native American Indians and even the Bible chronicle Genocides and purges of foreign people's within a territory of another. Genocide, Total War is not new. It is as old as the History of Warfare. Kill them all or Kill all of the men and rape the women are reoccurring themes designed to eradicate another ethnic group from an area desired by another.

This is why I believe in the holocaust, not because someone told me so & that questioning it can get me assaulted or thrown in jail if I ever visit Germany, but because of reasoned evaluation of the evidence. It is a shame that the "holocaust industry" plays into the revisionists hands by withholding evidence, pushing disproved stories (e.g. burning prisoners alive), or even attempting to censor what they are trying to say. Each of these actions reinforces the argument of the Revisionists and further obscures the truth.
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