Graf Fr. Shane (Eisenvater) Von Russell, S.J. (necrophagi) wrote in gotterdammerung,
Graf Fr. Shane (Eisenvater) Von Russell, S.J.


I'm the mod and I'm glad to see this community has taken off with absolutley no advertising anywhere. I've been working on a "okkultish" convention in Atlanta, GA. for 2005 and with my business I've been swamped.
I'm going to try and keep up and post pics and whatnot.
Please feel free to post anything and everything having to do with this com's interest list. It's very broad I know, but the okkult ties into most if not all of it.
To those of you who have been posting music, political, erotic, and historical items you have my thanks. We all appreciate it.

Fraternally yours,
Bro. Eosphoros
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