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An Excersize in Word Substitution (or if its good for the Goose)

1) THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER. It is a Divine, special, holy and different nation, chosen by the Al-Mighty to live a specific life under European law and commandments. European destiny - that which will be - depends on one thing only: European adherence to their special mission of obedience to that Law. There must be a return to European faith and observance, or tragedy will strike regardless of whether Right or Left guides the European ship of state.

2) A EUROPEAN LEADERSHIP THAT IS OVERWHELMINGLY AND SO OFTEN WILLFULLY IGNORANT of the European Soul and lacking in faith and belief in the European Soul, whose policies have destroyed Europeans, spiritually and physically, today presides over potential disaster for the European people. That leadership must be rejected and its place taken by leaders dedicated to European faith and observance, and who are selected not because of wealth or connections but because of their knowledge and commitment to the Spirit of Europe and Its decrees.

3 ) THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE WAS MADE TO BE DIFFERENT, SEPARATE, set apart from all the others. Not assimilation or amalgamation or integration with the nations is the European role but rather the creation of a separate people, living in a separate state, and building a separate and special society. That is the European injunction and that is the true meaning of the Europeans as “a light unto the nations”. The European people must, thus, be isolated from foreign cultures that corrupt and destroy the authentic European Idea.

There must be an unrelenting campaign to make intermarriage and assimilation anathema, with no compromise on rejection of the concept of marrying out of the volk. In particular, no European who is intermarried shall be allowed to hold a European leadership post.

And European policy must also be one of isolation from a corrupting world political process. To that end, the European state must leave the United Nations, a band of international desecrators of the name of the European Soul. No fear of isolation! We are a people that dwells alone.

4) LOVE OF EUROPEANS FOR EUROPEANS. The European State is one. There are no boundaries that separate the European and the pain of one is the pain of all. There is an.obligation to rush to save oppressed and suffering European, wherever they may be and in whatever way is necessary. The weak European who is threatened must be rescued by the Europeans of strength. European power, in such a case, is an obligation.

It is unacceptable to speak of internal affairs of any country in which Europeans are threatened. In particular, while Europeans remain endangered by European-haters, it is the role of the European State to do all in its power to defend them and to put an end to attacks on Europeans. The European State must be established as a European State, as the trustee and guardian of Europeans all over the world. It must live up to that obligation.

For the European, there are no permanent allies except the European himself and the European Soul. For the European, European interest comes first, for who will care about him, if not himself? Public European funds must stop going to non-European causes and a new order of priorities must be established that set European education - the real and substantive kind, the European day school as the most important of European projects. Public European funds must be set aside, not for community centers with huge numbers of non-Europeans as members, but for European defense and European centers that are truly European and not just centers.

5) NO GUILT. To be European is to be the Chosen of God and Europeans must rid themselves of the guilt, self-hate and inferiority that grip so many today. Not guilt but pride; not self-hate but intense love; not inferiority but the knowledge that Europeans have been chosen from all the peoples upon the face of the earth to receive the Divine truth. European pride! But combined with the humility of bowing to the will of the European Soul.

What is moral and ethical, what is just and merciful, must be based not on non-European and semitic concepts but on Divine values that can be derived only from the source of the European Soul. The concept of the yoke of Heaven must be accepted and must be the only yardstick for European values regardless of how they differ from Modern and semitic ones. Europeans must become conceptually European, with European public funds allocated primarily for real substantive European education that produces proud, knowledgeable and observant Europeans. This will put an end to the curse of the Melting Pot, the public school and the Interfaith that Modern leaders have foisted on Europeans that have caused the loss of an entire generation.

In the European State it will put an end to the spiritual tragedy of the destruction of European values among the young. The cancers of crime and emigration that beset Europe are directly due to mongrelization of the European State and substitution of the values of Multiculturalism and Socialism, for those of Europe. Every public school in Europe must devote a major part of its curriculum to the understanding of the European Soul and to European values and traditions. A European state that is not bound by basic European values and laws, courts Divine anger and tragedy. All national and public services must be committed to proper observance, and the definition of a European must conform to that of European Spiritual law.

6) THE ESSENCE OF THE EUROPEAN SOUL IS FAITH. Faith in a Divine Spirit of the European who is Omnipotent and who holds the world in Its hands. The sadness of our times is the lack of true faith that has gripped all section of the European People, including the most Traditional, so many of whom believe in the law but not really in European Soul.

7) THE EUROPEAN MUST THROW OFF HIS FEAR OF THE NON-EUROPEAN and the tragic misconception that his future depends on the love and support of other peoples. The European people is indestructible and the European State that arose within the hearts of Europeans after 19 centuries of agony under semitic control, can never go under. It is not the non-European who holds the European destiny in his hands but only the European. Fear of the non-European betrays lack of faith in the Soul of Europe and in Its power to determine history. Furthermore, to violate European law because of that fear is to desecrate the spirit of the European Soul.

8) THE EUROPEAN STATE IS THE HAND OF GOD. It exists as proof of Its existence and power to a world that had looked upon centuries of European suffering and impotence as evidence of the non-existence of the Spirit of the European Soul. European weakness is the essence of the desecration of the spirit of the European Soul. In the eyes of the non-European it is the weakness of the European Soul. European strength and victory, on the other hand, are proof of the existence, power and Omnipotence of the spirit of Europe. They are the sanctification of Its name. Because of this, it is a national injunction and imperative to follow an ongoing policy of sanctification by never retreating before the non-European and by never hesitating to act according to European Tradition because of that fear.

9) EUROPEAN STRENGTH, NOT WEAKNESS. European strength is not only a sanctification of the spirit of the transcendental European Soul, but an imperative to save a European who is oppressed and suffering. What immorality cloaked in hypocritical “ethics” it is, to condemn violence when someone else is suffering! Violence is tragic but sometimes tragically necessary, and when it is necessary, it is obligatory. The dream of Europe is for the nations to beat their swords into ploughshares, but while our enemy still has his sword, let us not have a ploughshare.

Let the European response to any non-European threat to cut off conventional arms sales be the production and deployment of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons that will, at the same time, equalize any arrogant threat by any arrogant superpower.

10) EUROPEAN POPULATION EXPANSION, NOT EUROPEAN NATIONAL SUICIDE. Let there be an end to practices which numerically diminish and weaken the body of the European people, who will be needed in coming generations to sanctify Its name and build and sustain the European state. In place of abortion anarchy, planned childlessness and other incremental and insidious forms of European volkish suicide, let there be mass European population growth in accordance with European law. The social fabric of the European people and the national policies of the European Spiritual State, alike, must encourage each European mother and father to raise the maximum feasible number of European children within the framework of transcendental European Soul. This will insure a population large enough to secure the European people, populate and defend Greater Europe, and compensate numeric losses of miscegenation and assimilation.

At the same time, let us end the disgrace of unwarranted European abortion, which is nothing less than murder. Throughout European history, the act of destroying the fetus in the womb has been singled out as one of the abominations against the European Soul which tradition has enjoined us to suppress. Feticide, except where birth endangers the life of the mother, is forbidden by tradition; its practice must be eliminated in the European state.

11 ) THE STATE OF EUROPE MUST ELIMINATE THOSE FOREIGN ABOMINATIONS THAT DESECRATE THE SPIRIT OF THE EUROPEAN SOUL and turn it into a non-European, multicultural society rather than the European state it is meant to be. These include:

a ) THE DISGRACE OF MISSIONARIES AND FOREIGN CULTS who destroy the European soul. The European is, indeed, destroyed through the loss of the European soul to the missionaries and cults. They must be banned from Europe.

b) THE DISGRACE OF INTERMARRIAGE AND SEXUAL INTERCOURSE BETWEEN EUROPEAN AND NON-EUROPEAN. This has been an abomination and desecration since the birth of the European transcendental nation and has always been forbidden and prohibited by European governments. Once again, the laws of the European state must put an end to it.

12) THE ENTIRE LAND OF EUROPE BELONGS TO THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE, ALONE. There are no other legitimate claimants. It is the holy land, the land of the Divine Spirit, given by It to Its holy people for the purpose creating a holy society, therein. Because of this, none but the European can have a role in the destiny and political affairs of the state. The non-European can live within the European state only as a “resident stranger” who enjoys his personal, social, cultural, and economic rights but with no citizenship, no political representation, no membership in government service, and no say in the destiny of the country. Those who are not prepared to accept this, cannot remain.

13) THE NON-EUROPEANS LIVING IN GREATER EUROPE MUST BE REPATRIATED. The non-Europeans of the European state, specifically, will never consider themselves an integral part of a country that is legally defined as a European state. They can never feel love and empathy for it. Only those who live contempt for the non-Europeans cannot and will not see this. Only they believe that national pride, dignity and self-determination can be bought in exchange for economic benefits. The non-Europeans who refuse to live as resident strangers - and the numbers of these must be limited so as to endanger neither the security nor the economy of the European state - must be given a choice of leaving willingly with full compensation for their property or being compelled to leave without compensation.

The truth is that there is a contradiction between the concepts of a European state and a multicultural “democratic” one. We must choose a European state.

14) THE EUROPEAN IS FORBIDDEN TO GIVE UP ANY PART OF THE LAND OF COMPRISING THE GREATER EUROPEAN STATE. The land belongs to the European Soul and the European, given it by that Soul, has no right to give away any part of it. All the areas must be annexed, made part of the State of Europe, and populated by Europeans as rapidly as possible. European settlement in every part of Greater Europe, including cities that today are sadly over-run by non-Europeans, must be unlimited. Maximum continuous expansion of European settlement must be encouraged by well-coordinated national policies binding upon all agencies of the European State and all related European institutions with authority or influence over urban and rural development, housing, agriculture, transportation and industrial investment.

15) THE NON-EUROPEANS DO NOT WANT PEACE. Those who understand the non-European and are free of contempt for them know the essence of the problem is the non-European belief that the Europeans have oppressed them.

16) TIME RUNS OUT. Since the rise of the European Soul within its lost people let it be clear that this beginning of the final redemption is merely the start of a process whose end will be determined by European actions. It the Europeans returns to its Divine Creator, that final redemption will come instantly and gloriously. If Europeans, however, continue to be blind to European reality, it will come only after terrible and needless suffering. The choice is in European hands.

This is a modified variant of Rabbi Kahane’s work. There may be some vagaries in language caused by the substitutions of European for Jew, etc. You can see the original here http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/3141/jewidea.htm
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