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Monday, March 17th, 2008
11:36 pm
Привет всем!

Я тут совсем не долго, давайте знакомиться!

Вот, если что, мой адрес: kjk123@inbox.ru

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
12:54 pm
11:50 am
Nietzschean paintings

the artist Lena Hades has her own LJ account too- lena_hades

Zarathustrian paintings - http://www.art-stalker.ru/08_index.htm
artist's exhibitions and media reviews- http://www.art-stalker.ru/02_index.htm

I wonder if there are some university philosophy teachers? may be we can organize some Nietzschean exhibition in your university or in art gallery? some of these paintings are in collections of the State Tretiakov Gallery and of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
4:01 pm
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
10:10 am
Dies Natalis Invicti Solis

For The Fatherland, cradle of civilization.
For the ancestors and their indomitable spirit
For the elders from whom we can learn much.
For our youth who represent the promise for tomorrow.
For our people, the original people.
For our struggle and in remembrance of those who have struggled on our behalf.
For Gott1 the principle of unity which should guide us in all that we do.
For the creator who provides all things great and small.

The Seven Principles:
  1. Unity - to strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation and race.
  2. Self-Determination - to define ourselves, name ourselves, create ourselves and speak for ourselves.
  3. Collective Work and Responsibility - to build and maintain our community together and make fellow European-American's problems our problems and to solve them together.
  4. Cooperative Economics - to build and maintain European-American stores, shops and other businesses together.
  5. Purpose - to make our collective vocation the building of our European-American community to restore their traditional greatness.
  6. Creativity - making the world around us clean and beautiful and better than we inherited it.
  7. Faith - to believe in ourselves, our family, our communities and our leaders and to believe the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

1: Gott indicates the principle of striving for & maintaining unity in the family, community, nation and race.
Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
1:02 pm
Crowley on "The Jewish Problem"
The Jewish Problem Re-Stated
by a Gentile
[Aleister Crowley]

A distinguished article entitled "The Cry of the Modern Pharisee," by the Rev. Joel Blau, of Temple Peni-El, New York City, which recently appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, posed the Jewish problem in new dimensions. In America, where this problem is growing acute, wide interest was aroused. I quote a few passages which are characteristic.

"It is depressing to see the Jewish problem discussed, even by Jews, from without and not from within, as if its inner aspect did not matter; at all events, as if this were something in which the world at large need take no interest, it being the concern of a few Jewish zealots only. Over against this mistaken position these very Jewish zealots, who are far from obsolete, claim that the only way to solve the Jewish problem is from within. Find the right solution for the internal problem of the Jew, and the external problem, created by the persistence of anti-Semitism, will solve itself."

". . . he [the Pharisee] would rather lose the whole world than lose aught of the riches of his soul.

". . . As for pride, he admits it, yet holds himself guiltless. For pride is no sin, except when one will not live up to it.

"It [pride] is compounded of a clear knowledge of one's place, a consciousness of both powers and limitations, and a desire to participate wholeheartedly in the passionate business of living. This pride is the child of reverence, the last summing-up of the sanctities of Individuality.

"Its presence is the distinguishing sign of divinely stubborn men, 'terribly meek,' who inherit the earth--and heaven, too.

"Of peoples too, even as of persons, the same holds true; modesty is a sin in any people. The chief duty that a people owes both itself and the world is reverence for its own soul, the mystic centre of its being. . . .

"Personality spells the mystery of mysteries--the last word of life for which all the worlds and all the ages are in ceaseless travail."

"The Jew must be led back to the Discovery of the Jewish Soul."

Despite these utterances, we find elsewhere in the essay that the only practical solution in view is repatriation. A physical Zion is contemplated, and this proposal implies the very materialism which the learned Rabbi deplores as the mark of the modern Sadducee. Now the division between Jew and Gentile dates only from Abraham. The children of uncircumcision no less than those of the Covenant are of the seed of Adam, of mankind. It was by means of the secret tradition of the Hebrews that the leader of the hosts of the new Law obtained "the knowledge and conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel," whose words constitute the whole Law. This Law is the master-key to the Future of Mankind, and the learned Rabbi, being a master in Israel, is able to interpret the Zeitgeist intuitively. Accordingly, he exhibits a profound comprehension of this Law; indeed, he actually expresses some of its corollaries in various phrases. What then is the one weakness of his admirable essay? What is it that compels him to a sceptical conclusion, despite the sublimity of courage, pride, and sadness which informs his thought, and the magistral grasp of the situation? These qualities demand consummate respect; and yet their owner hesitates to articulate an "Everlasting Yea." The difficulty arises from the interference of the learned Rabbi's intellectual perception of the conditions of his environment with the truth of his soul. He must hold fast to this truth if it is to make him free. The Relative must not be applied as a measure of the Absolute, of which it is but one of the infinitely numerous symbolic representations. It is, then, here that the Rev. Joel Blau is tempted to lose touch with the essential truth. He has still to pass through the ordeal of being attacked by phenomena which threaten or allure, seeking to turn him from his spiritual integrity. It is the task of the initiate to learn to ignore these seeming facts, to recognise that these are vapours of the void. Let me say at once that the Jewish spirit cannot be destroyed any more than a grain of sand or an ohm of electrical resistance. The problem is perennial. If every Jew were instantaneously abolished, the Jewish problem1 would remain unaltered.

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Sunday, July 11th, 2004
5:20 pm
Gaurdian on Crowley
Beyond Belief
From yoga to punk, notorious occultist Aleister Crowley has had a profound influence on modern culture, writes Tim Cummings

Saturday July 10, 2004
The Guardian

"There is no law beyond do what thou wilt; every man and woman is a star; the word of sin is restriction." For some, these three short epigrams heralded the end of Christianity and the dawn of a new age. They certainly provided successive generations of beats, hipsters, hippies, punks and ravers, whether they knew it or not, with a manifesto of sorts.

The words come from The Book of the Law, an obscure prose poem written 100 years ago by Aleister Crowley, often described as the key to the notorious Magus's vast pantheon of writings. A multi-layered template of a magickal system, encompassing Qabalah, single-point meditation, sex rituals, excessive drug use and a good deal more, The Book of the Law made Crowley one of the 20th century's hidden prophets, a truly outrageous figure presiding over rock culture's original spirit of misrule.

Crowley died in relative obscurity in an eccentric Hastings boarding house in 1947. And yet, in the 21st century, his legacy has an afterlife, one that few of his contemporaries would have imagined possible. Last year he was voted number 73 in the BBC's league of the top 100 Britons. There is a continual stream of biographies and editions of his work, from a centenary edition of The Book of the Law to a reprint of Francis King's excellent study Megatherion. "To Mega Therion", meaning "the great beast", was one of Crowley's numerous magickal names. In The Book of the Law, he is identified as 666. "It means merely sunlight," he told the judge in a libel case that bankrupted him. "You may call me Little Sunshine."

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Thursday, June 10th, 2004
4:26 pm
If anyone remembers The Process Church of the Final Judgment...
Here's an update if you're a fan of their hijinks (and if you've read about the Son of Sam, Charlie Manson, etc...).
4:24 pm
I'm the mod and I'm glad to see this community has taken off with absolutley no advertising anywhere. I've been working on a "okkultish" convention in Atlanta, GA. for 2005 and with my business I've been swamped.
I'm going to try and keep up and post pics and whatnot.
Please feel free to post anything and everything having to do with this com's interest list. It's very broad I know, but the okkult ties into most if not all of it.
To those of you who have been posting music, political, erotic, and historical items you have my thanks. We all appreciate it.

Fraternally yours,
Bro. Eosphoros
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
8:15 am
greetings! i recently joined livejournal and i'd love to jump right in to several communities of my interests. I'm a 22 year-old male college student interested in a variety of practices (see profile). I'm fascinated with bondage & bdsm, and I'll include a few of my favorite sites below to share with you all. I'm going to post this in all the communities I've joined and hope for some responses, so if you get this same message from different communities we may be mutual members of, let me apologize in advance. feel free to leave comments in my journal and let me know what you're interested in!

-Michael York

favorite links:
www.bdsmcafe.com <--great daily pics!
www.alt.com <--alternative lifestyles
www.bdsmlibrary.com <--fantastic stories, searchable archive
www.adultfriendfinder.com <--sex & swingers
www.bedroombondage.com <--really fun, light bondage site my girlfriend adores
www.bdsmplanet.com <--i'm a member of this one ;)
Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
2:52 pm
The Holocaust
I do believe the Holocaust occurred. I do believe that Jews and other groups deemed undesirable were rounded up, placed in concentration camps and that near the end of the War, large portions of these inmates were put to death. If the surviving National Socialists accepted that this sequence occurred, I see no justification for its denial. Now my accepting of the event does not mean that I do not question the public portrayal of the Holocaust. For example, I do question (note that this is question, not "have alternate answers") whether it was the plan all along to execute the Jews et al, whether the elimination of Jews was an order from Hitler or a good old boys network taking liberties with an uncaring system, or even whether the numbers listed are correct. Reports for the number slain vary from 800,000 to 6 million, & to be honest 6 million seems to be a lot. It doesn't help that questions like "Where did they put the ashes?" seem to garner an attack. So what if the number is 1.2 million rather than 6? Oh, it is "only 1.2 million". Only, my god, I think it is rather atrocious to round up any number of people for no other reason than their ethnicity or sexual preference (though those who were rounded up as actual criminals are fine).

I also find the capitalization of various groups, the Holocaust Industry, to be disturbing. Groups like Wiesenthal (who's founder made a lucrative business out of gathering evidence which "helped" others to catch escaped war criminals) seem more interested in gathering money than in verifying data. Further, the general opposition to inquiry about the Holocaust raises concern. Even with opposition from vested interests, we know that inmates were not burned alive, rendered into soap, etc. We also know that the Auschwitz we can tour is a reconstruction of the original, which may or may not resemble the original that was bombed. We also know that Stalin inflated the numbers killed at Auschwitz by about 3-4 million (which is still a lot of people). The signs, in Polish, are said to have been modified.

Holocaust Revisionism seems to be derived from a True and a False premise. The True premise is that the German people are no more Evil than any other people, be they Black, White or Bronze. The False premise is that the Holocaust represents a unique incident in Human history. Rwanda, Cambodia, China, Russia, the Inquisition, Native American Indians and even the Bible chronicle Genocides and purges of foreign people's within a territory of another. Genocide, Total War is not new. It is as old as the History of Warfare. Kill them all or Kill all of the men and rape the women are reoccurring themes designed to eradicate another ethnic group from an area desired by another.

This is why I believe in the holocaust, not because someone told me so & that questioning it can get me assaulted or thrown in jail if I ever visit Germany, but because of reasoned evaluation of the evidence. It is a shame that the "holocaust industry" plays into the revisionists hands by withholding evidence, pushing disproved stories (e.g. burning prisoners alive), or even attempting to censor what they are trying to say. Each of these actions reinforces the argument of the Revisionists and further obscures the truth.
Monday, April 5th, 2004
9:59 am
x-posted to my journal

While at Naval drill this weekend, one of the men in my unit expressed confusion over the relationship of a Muslim to Islam. I explained that it was the same as that of a Christian to Christianity. Evidently, he had thought that a Muslim was an racial/ethnic group whose membership was predominantly Islamic.

This morning, the radio (KPBS 89.9 FM) had a report from the BBC on some Bosnian Croats surrendering to the War Crime Tribunal. While listening, I realized that many American's probably had this confusion for Muslim was utilized as an ethnic descriptor in the Bosnian conflict, where they talk of Croats, Serbs & "Muslims". What is the ethnicity of the Bosnian Muslims? Are they Albanians, or another Muslim group? Why is Muslim utilized in teh same context as an ethnic identifier? Is this normal, do we normally talk of Vietneamese, Samoans and Christians? The lack of identifier makes me wonder who they are & where they came from. We knwo where the Serbs came from, & the Croats. Who are these "Muslims" (& when are they going to be charged as well)?
Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
3:28 pm
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
8:47 am
The Changing Face of Racialism
How would white men of previous centuries or even those of earlier decades of the twentieth century view contemporary presentations of the case for racialism? As surprising as it may seem to some, in all probability they would have seen recent racialist apologetics as hopelessly infected with many of the central assumptions of multiracialism. This is due in no small measure to the fact that, although it may be possible (albeit rare) to dissent from widely accepted public policies, it is far more difficult to reject the assumed and often unstated philosophical assumptions of the age. This presents racialists with a particularly difficult task. Conceding their opponents’ core beliefs before engaging in theoretical battle is akin to wrestling with a handicap: all right for Haystacks or Andre, but poor strategy for lesser men.

For example, in the past half-century we have seen a consistent movement away from the advocacy of segregation (which was always far from “separate but equal” in reality), apartheid, colonialism, and general political disenfranchisement of nonwhites, toward the far less harsh positions of racial separatism (including acceptance of “black nationalism”) or the “level playing field” of the libertarian minded.

Read the rest http://theoccidentalquarterly.com/vol3no4/gc-twomodels.html

Thank you to c_ophiuroid
Sunday, February 15th, 2004
9:20 am
for the off topic posts, I forgot to set my client back to my personal journal.
Saturday, February 14th, 2004
8:29 pm
An Excersize in Word Substitution (or if its good for the Goose)
1) THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER. It is a Divine, special, holy and different nation, chosen by the Al-Mighty to live a specific life under European law and commandments. European destiny - that which will be - depends on one thing only: European adherence to their special mission of obedience to that Law. There must be a return to European faith and observance, or tragedy will strike regardless of whether Right or Left guides the European ship of state.

2) A EUROPEAN LEADERSHIP THAT IS OVERWHELMINGLY AND SO OFTEN WILLFULLY IGNORANT of the European Soul and lacking in faith and belief in the European Soul, whose policies have destroyed Europeans, spiritually and physically, today presides over potential disaster for the European people. That leadership must be rejected and its place taken by leaders dedicated to European faith and observance, and who are selected not because of wealth or connections but because of their knowledge and commitment to the Spirit of Europe and Its decrees.

3 ) THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE WAS MADE TO BE DIFFERENT, SEPARATE, set apart from all the others. Not assimilation or amalgamation or integration with the nations is the European role but rather the creation of a separate people, living in a separate state, and building a separate and special society. That is the European injunction and that is the true meaning of the Europeans as “a light unto the nations”. The European people must, thus, be isolated from foreign cultures that corrupt and destroy the authentic European Idea.
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Monday, October 13th, 2003
3:44 pm



My object all sublime

I shall achieve in time

To make the punishment fit the crime

The punishment fit the crime!






SINCE nobody can have the presumption to doubt the demonstration of St. Thomas Aquinas that this world is the best of all possible worlds, it follows that the imperfect condition of things which I am about to describe can only obtain in some other universe; probably the whole affair is but the figment of my diseased imagination. Yet if this be so, how can we reconcile the disease with perfection?

Clearly there is something wrong here; the apparent syllogism turns out on examination to be an enthymeme with a suppressed and impossible Major. There is no progression on these lines, and what I foolishly mistook for a nice easy way to glide into my story proves but the blindest of blind alleys.

We must begin therefore by the simple and austere process of beginning.

The conditions of Japan was at this time (what time? Here we are in trouble with the historian at once. But let me say that I will have no interference with my story on the part of all these dull sensible people. I am going straight on, and if the reviews are unfavourable, one has always the resource of suicide) dangerously unstable. The warrior aristocracy of the Upper House had been so diluted with successful cheesemongers that adulteration had become a virtue as highly profitable as adultery. In the Lower House brains were still esteemed, but they had been interpreted as the knack of passing examinations.

The recent extension of the franchise to women had rendered the Yoshiwara the most formidable of the political organizations, while the physique of the nation had been seriously impaired by the results of a law which, by assuring them in case of injury or illness of a life-long competence of idleness which they could never have obtained otherwise by the most laborious toil, encouraged all workers to be utterly careless of their health. The training of servants indeed at this time consisted solely of careful practical instruction in the art of falling down stairs; and the richest man in the country was an ex-butler who, by breaking his leg on no less than thirty-eight occasions, had acquired a pension which put that of a field-marshal altogether into the shade.

As yet, however, the country was not yet irretrievably doomed. A system of intrigue and blackmail, elaborated by the governing classes to the highest degree of efficiency, acted as a powerful counterpoise. In theory all were equal; in practice the permanent officials, the real rulers of the country, were a distinguished and trustworthy body of men. Their interest was to govern well, for any civil or foreign disturbance would undoubtedly have fanned the sparks of discontent into the roaring flame of revolution.

And discontent there was. The unsuccessful cheesemongers were very bitter against the Upper House; and those who had failed in examinations wrote appalling diabetes against the folly of the educational system.

The trouble was that they were right; the government was well enough in fact, but in theory had hardly a leg to stand on. In view of the growing clamour, the official classes were perturbed; for many of their number were intelligent enough to see that a thoroughly irrational system, however well it may work in practice, cannot for ever be maintained against the attacks of those who, though they may be secretly stigmatized as doctrinaires, can bring forward unanswerable arguments. The people had power, but not reason; so were amenable

to the fallacies which they mistook for reason and not to the power which they would have imagined to be tyranny. An intelligent plebs is docile; and educated canaille expects everything to be logical. The shallow sophisms of the socialist were intelligible; they could not be refuted by the profounder and therefore unintelligible propositions of the Tory.

The mob could understand the superficial resemblance of babies; they could not be got to understand that the circumstances of education and environment made but a small portion of the equipment of a conscious being. The brutal and truthful "You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" had been forgotten for the smooth and plausible fallacies of such writers as Ki Ra Di.

So serious had the situation become, indeed, that the governing classes had abandoned all dogmas of Divine Right and the like as untenable. The theory of heredity had broken down, and the ennoblement of the cheesemongers made it not only false, but ridiculous.

We consequently find them engaged in the fatuous task of defending the anomalies which disgusted the nation by a campaign of glaring and venal sophistries. These deceived nobody, and only inspired the contempt, which might have been harmless, with a hate which threatened to engulph the community in an abyss of the most formidable convulsions.

Such was the razor-edge upon which the unsteady feet of the republic strode when, a few years before the date of my visit, the philosopher Kwaw landed at Nagasaki after an exhilarating swim from the mainland.




KWAW, when he crossed the Yellow Sea, was of the full age of thirty-two years.

The twenty previous equinoxes had passed over his head as he wandered, sole human tenant, among the colossal yet ignoble ruins of Wei Hai Wei. His only companions were the lion and the lizard, who frequented the crumbling remains of the officers' quarters; while in the little cemetery the hoofs of the wild ass beat (uselessly, if he wished to wake them) upon the tombs of the sportsmen that once thronged those desolate halls.

During this time Kwaw devoted his entire attention to the pursuit of philosophy; for the vast quantities of excellent stores abandoned by the British army left him no anxiety upon the score of hunger.

In the first year he disciplined and conquered his body and its emotions.

In the next six years he disciplined and conquered his mind and its thoughts.

In the next two years he had reduced the Universe to the Yang and the Yin and their permutations in the trigrams of Fo-hi and the hexagrams of King Wu.

In the last year he abolished the Yang and the Yin, and became united with the great Tao.

All this was very satisfactory to Kwaw. But even his iron frame had become somewhat impaired by the unvarying diet of tinned provisions; and it was perhaps only by virtue of the talisman that he succeeded in his famous attempt to outdo the feats of Captain Webb.

Nor was his reception less than a triumph. So athletic a nation as the Japanese still were could not but honour so superb an achievement, though it cost them dear, inasmuch as the Navy League (by an astute series of political moves) compelled the party in power to treble the Navy, build a continuous line of forts around the sea-coast, and expend many billions of yen upon the scientific breeding of a more voracious species of shark than had hitherto infested their shores.

So they carried Kwaw shoulder-high to the Yoshiwara, and passed him the glad hand, and called out the Indians, and annexed his personal property for relics, and otherwise followed the customs of the best New York Society, while the German Band accompanied the famous Ka Ru So to the following delightful ballad:

CHORUS.    Blow the tom-tom, bang the flute!

        Let us all be merry!

    I'm a party with acute

        Chronic beri-beri.


    Monday I'm a skinny critter

        Quite Felicien-Rops-y.

    Blow the cymbal, bang the zither!

        Tuesday I have dropsy.



        Wednesday cardiac symptoms come;

            Thursday diabetic,

        Blow the fiddle, strum the drum!

            Friday I'm paretic.



        If on Saturday my foes

            Join in legions serried,

        Then, on Sunday, I suppose

            I'll be beri-beried!


One need not be intimately familiar with the Japanese character to understand that Kwaw and his feat were forgotten in a very few days; but a wealthy Daimio, with a taste for observation, took it into his head to inquire of Kwaw for what purpose he had entered the country in so strange a manner. It will simplify matters if I reproduce in extenso the correspondence, which was carried on by telegram.

    (1)    Who is your honourable self, and why has your excellency paid us cattle the distinguished compliment of a visit?

    (2)    This disgusting worm is great Tao. I humbly beg of your sublime radiance to trample his slave.

    (3)    Regret great toe unintelligible.

    (4)    Great Tao — T.A.O. — Tao.

    (5)    What is the great Tao?

    (6)    The result of subtracting the universe from itself.

    (7)    Good, but this decaying dog cannot grant your honourable excellency's sublime desire, but, on the contrary, would earnestly pray your brilliant serenity to spit upon his grovelling "joro."

    (8)    Profound thought assures your beetle-headed suppliant that your glorious nobility must meet him before the controversy can be decided.

    (9)    True. Would your sublimity condescend to defile himself by entering this muck-sweeper's miserable hovel?

    (10)    Expect leprous dragon with beri beri at your high mightiness's magnificent heavenly palace to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon at three sharp.  Thus met Kwaw, the poet-philosopher of China; and Juju, the godfather of his country.

Sublime moment in eternity! To the names of Joshua and Hezekiah add that of Kwaw! For though he was a quarter of an hour late for the appointment, the hands went back on the dial of Juju's chronometer, so that no shadow of distrust or annoyance clouded the rapture of that supreme event.




"WHAT," said Juju, "O great Tao, do you recommend as a remedy for the ills of my unhappy country?"

The sage replied as follows: "O mighty and magniloquent Daimio, your aristocracy is not an aristocracy because it is not an aristocracy. In vain you seek to alter this circumstance by paying the noxious vermin of the Dai Li Pai Pur to write fatuous falsehoods maintaining that your aristocracy is an aristocracy because it is an aristocracy.

"As Heracleitus overcame the antinomy of Xenophanes and Parmenides, Melissus and the Eleatic Zero, and Ens and the Non-Ens by his Becoming, so let me say to you; the aristocracy will be an aristocracy by becoming an aristocracy.

"Ki Ra Di and his dirty-faced friends wish to level down the good practice to the bad theory; you should oppose them be levelling up the bad theory to the good practice.

"Your enviers boast that you are no better than they; prove to them that they are as good as you. They speak of a nobility of fools and knaves; show to them wise and honest men, and the socialistic ginger is no longer hot in the individualistic mouth."

Juju grunted assent. He had gone almost to sleep, but Kwaw, absorbed in his subject, never noticed the fact. He went on with the alacrity of a steam-roller, and the direct and purposeful vigour of a hypnotized butterfly.

"Man is perfect by his identity with the great Tao. Subsidiary to this he must have balanced perfectly the Yang and the Yin. Easier still is it to rule the sixfold star of Intellect; while for the base the control of the body and its emotions is the earliest step.

"Equilibrium is the great law, and perfect equilibrium is crowned by identity with the great Tao."

He emphasized this sublime assertion by a deliberate blow upon the protruding abdomen of the worthy Juju.

"Pray continue your honourable discourse!" exclaimed the half-awakened Daimio.

Kwaw went on, and I think it only fair to say that he went on for a long time, and that because you have been fool enough to read thus far, you have no excuse for being fool enough to read farther.

"Phenacetin is a useful drug in fever, but woe to that patient who shall imbibe it in collapse. Because calomel is a dangerous remedy in appendicitis, we do not condemn its use in simple indigestions.

"As above so beneath! said Hermes the thrice greatest. The laws of the physical world are precisely paralleled by those of the moral and intellectual sphere. To the prostitute I prescribe a course of training by which she shall comprehend the holiness of sex. Chastity forms part of that training, and I should hope to see her one day a happy wife and mother. To the prude equally I prescribe a course of training by which she shall comprehend the holiness of sex. Unchastity forms part of that training, and I should hope to see her one day a happy wife and mother.

"To the bigot I commend a course of Thomas Henry Huxley; to the infidel a practical study of ceremonial magic. Then, when the bigot has knowledge and the infidel faith, each may follow without prejudice his natural inclination; for he will no longer plunge into his former excesses.

"So also she who was a prostitute from native passion may indulge with safety in the pleasure of love; she who was by nature cold may enjoy a virginity in no wise marred by her disciplinary course of unchastity. But the one will understand and love the other.

"I have been taxed with assaulting what is commonly known as virtue. True; I hate it, but only in the same degree that I hate what is commonly known as vice.

"So it must be acknowledged that one who is but slightly unbalanced needs a milder correction than whoso is obsessed by prejudice. There are men who make a fetish of cleanliness; they shall work in a fitter's shop, and learn that dirt is the mark of honourable toil. There are those whose lives are rendered wretched by the fear of infection; they see bacteria of the deadliest sort in all things but the actual solutions of carbolic acid and mercuric chloride with which they hysterically combat their invisible foemen; such would I send to live in the bazaar at Delhi, where they shall haply learn that dirt makes little difference after all.

"There are slow men who need a few months' experience of the hustle of the stockyards; there are business men in a hurry, and they shall travel in Central Asia to acquire the art of repose.

"So much for the equilibrium, and for two months in every year each member of your governing classes shall undergo this training under skilled advice.

"But what of the Great Tao? For one month in every year each of these men shall seek desperately for the Stone of the Philosophers. By solitude and fasting for the social and luxurious, by drunkenness and debauch for the austere, by scourging for those afraid of physical pain, by repose for the restless, and toil for the idle, by bull-fights for the humanitarian, and the care of little children for the callous, by rituals for the rational, and by philosophy for the credulous, shall these men, while yet unbalanced, seek to attain to unity with the great Tao. But for those whose intellect is purified and co-ordinated, for those whose bodies are in health, and whose passions are at once eager and controlled, it shall be lawful to choose their own way to the One Goal; videlicet, identity with that great Tao which is above the antithesis of Yang and Yin."

Even Kwaw felt tired, and applied himself to saké-and-soda. Refreshed, he continued: "The men who are willing by this means to become the saviours of their country shall be called the Synagogue of Satan, so as to keep themselves from the friendship of the fools who mistake names for things. There shall be masters of the Synagogue, but they shall never seek to dominate. They shall most carefully abstain from inducing any man to seek the Tao by any other way than that of equilibrium. They shall develop individual genius without considering whether in their opinion its fruition will tend to the good or evil of their country or of the world; for who are they to interfere with a soul whose balance has been crowned by the most holy Tao?

"The masters shall be great men among men; but among great men they shall be friends.

"Since equilibrium will have become perfect, a greater than Napoleon shall arise, and the peaceful shall rejoice thereat; a greater than Darwin, and the minister in his pulpit give open thanks to God.

"The instructed infidel shall no longer sneer at the church-goer, for he will have been compelled to go to church until he saw the good points as well as the bad; and the instructed devotee will no longer detest the blasphemer, because he will have laughed with Ingersoll and Saladin.

"Give the lion the heart of the lamb, and the lamb the force of the lion; and they will lie down in peace together."

Kwaw ceased, and the heavy and regular breathing of Juju assured him that his words had not been wasted; at last that restless and harried soul had found supreme repose.

Kwaw tapped the gong. "I have achieved my task," said he to the obsequious major-domo, "I pray leave to retire from the Presence." "I beg your excellency to follow me," replied the gorgeous functionary, "his lordship has commanded me to see that your holiness is supplied with everything that you desire."

Then the sage laughed aloud.




SIX months passed by, and Juju, stirring in his sleep, remembered the duties of politeness, and asked for Kwaw.

"He is on your lordship's estate at Nikko," the servants hastened to reply, "and he has turned the whole place completely upside down. Millions of yen have been expended monthly; he has even mortgaged this very palace in which your lordship has been asleep; a body of madmen has seized the reins of government—"

"The Synagogue of Satan!" gasped the outraged Daimio.

"—And you are everywhere hailed as the Godfather of your country!"

"Do not tell me that the British war has ended disastrously for us!" and he called for the elaborate apparatus of hari-kari.

"On the contrary, my lord, the ridiculous Sa Mon, who would never go to sea because he was afraid of being sick, although his genius for naval strategy had no equal in the Seven Abysses of Water, after a month as stowaway on a fishing boat (by the order of Kwaw) assumed the rank of Admiral of the Fleet, and has inflicted a series of complete and crushing defeats upon the British Admirals, who though they had been on the water all their lives, had incomprehensibly omitted to acquire any truly accurate knowledge of the metaphysical systems of Sho Pi Naour and Ni Tchze.

"Again, Hu Li, the financial genius, who had hitherto been practically useless to his country on account of that ugliness and deformity which led him to shun the society of his fellows, was compelled by Kwaw to exhibit himself as a freak. A fortnight of this cured him of shyness; and within three months he has nearly doubled the revenue and halved the taxes. Your lordship has spent millions of yen; but is to-day a richer man than when your excellency went to sleep."

"I will go and see this Kwaw," said the Daimio. The servants then admitted that the Mikado in person had been waiting at the palace door for over three months, for the very purpose of begging permission to conduct him thither, but that he had been unwilling to disturb the sleep of the Godfather of his country.

Impossible to describe the affecting scene when these two magnanimous beings melted away (as it were) in each other's arms.

Arrived at the estate of Juju at Nikko, what wonder did these worthies express to see the simple means by which Kwaw had worked his miracles! In a glade of brilliant cherry and hibiscus (and any other beautiful trees you can think of) stood a plain building of stone, which after all had not cost millions of yen, but a very few thousands only. Its height was equal to its breadth, and its length was equal to the sum of these, while the sum of these three meas urements was precisely equal to ten times the age of Kwaw in units of the span of his hand. The walls were tremendously thick and there was only one door and two windows, all in the eye of the sunset. One cannot describe the inside of the building, because to do so would spoil all the fun for other people. It must be seen to be understood, in any case; and there it stands to this day, open to anybody who is strong enough to force in the door.

But when they asked for Kwaw, he was not to be found. He had left trained men to carry out the discipline and the initiations, these last being the chief purpose of the building, saying that he was homesick for the lions and lizards of Wei-Hai-Wei, and that anyway he hadn't enjoyed a decent swim for far too long.

There is unfortunately little room for doubt that the new and voracious species of sharks (which Japanese patriotism had spent such enormous sums in breeding) is responsible for the fact that he has never again been heard of.

The Mikado wept; but, brightening up, exclaimed: "Kwaw found us a confused and angry mob; he left us a diverse, yet harmonious, republic; while let us never forget that not only have we developed men of genius in every branch of practical life, but many among us have had our equilibrium crowned by that supreme glory of humanity, realization of our identity with the great and holy Tao."

Wherewith he set aside no less than three hundred and sixty-five days in every year, and one extra day every fourth year, as days of special rejoicing.


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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
11:22 am
I'd like to introduce myself to the community. (I'm intro'ing myself on many, so please excuse the redundancy if you're on any of the other groups I am.) I'm a 29-year-old Scorpio in Southern California, real into art, guitar, music, the O.T.O., poetry, Thelema and Qabalah. I'm especially interested in the Abramelin Operation, and would love to hear from anyone that's completed it, or otherwise attained K. & C. of the H.G.A. And to anyone with a Palm handheld that's studying Qabalah, I can offer some Palm software I developed to help you out. Take care!
Friday, October 25th, 2002
12:55 pm
does anyone know the titles of any music that sounds like carmina burna o fortuna, or duel of fates by john williams? i realy like that kind of music.
big bryce

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Sunday, September 29th, 2002
3:22 pm
DJ Ragnarok upstairs
++ denotes a request

Edvard Grieg- Hall Of The Mountain King
Blood Axis- Bearer Of 10,000 Eyes/Lord Of Ages
The Soil Bleeds Black- Epitaph For Elizabeth
Ordo Equitum Solis- Playing With The Fire
Current 93- Moonlight, You Will Say
Eld- The Death Of The West(the Eld way)
Fire + Ice- Gilded By The Sun
Socrates Wounded- The Glass Bees
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud/Deutsch Nepal- track 2 from A Night In Fear
Landscape- Norman Bates
Throbbing Gristle- Something Came Over Me
John Foxx- Metal Beat
Gary Numan- Down In The Park
Ministry- All Day(12'')
Fad Gadget- Lady Shave
Greater Than One- I Don't Need God
Pankow- Gimme More(Much More)
Christian Death- Hour Of The Wolf
Sex Gang Children- Barbarossa
Mephisto Walz- I Wanna Be Your Dog
Alien Sex Fiend/Johnny Cash- I Walk The Line(Ragnarok Mix)
Iggy Pop- Search & Destroy
Bauhaus- Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
The Cure- A Strange Day ++
Bollock Brothers- Harley Davidson Son Of A Bitch
Action Pact- Gothic Party Time
Sol Invictus- Long Live Death
Laibach- One After 909
Click Click- Room
Peter Murphy- Confessions (for C. in absentia)
The Sisterhood- Giving Ground
Forthcoming Fire- Knights In White Satin

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